Participate with one of Naturalis Scientific Expeditions, it will be a life-changing experience. There are expeditions that lead to the high mountains of Bhutan, the rugged Rocky Mountains, the deep jungles of the Amazon, the countryside of Indonesia, the beaches of Portugal or Angola and the coral reefs around Curaçao. Every trip leads us to virgin nature, unprecedented by humans. Become a partner in this special experience and help identify an unknown flora and fauna.

  • The Longneck Quest in Wyoming

    Digging for Dinosaurs

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  • A unique expedition to Trinil, Indonesia

    In the footsteps of Dubois

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  • The gigantic dinosaurs of Portugal

    Digging for dinosaurs

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  • Digging for fossils in Angola

    The hunt for Mosasaurs

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  • Discover the reefs of Curaçao

    Expedition to the deep underwater world

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  • Discover species new to science

    Exploring the wilderness of Bhutan

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  • Join an expedition deep into the Amazon

    The most important ecosystem in the world

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