Dr. Anne Schulp is a palaeontologist and researcher at Naturalis. He earned his PhD at the VU Amsterdam for his research on the Mosasaurus of Maastricht. At Naturalis, Anne achieved renown in his role as the leader of the expedition that uncovered the T. rex Trix in Montana (USA).


The imposing skeleton of the predatory dinosaur is the ‘Night Watch’ of natural history, and has been given a place of honour in the new Naturalis museum. Anne also led the expedition for the excavation of a group of plant-eating dinosaurs, Triceratops, which are also on display in the museum.


During the expedition, Anne mainly focuses on the excavation of a sauropod dinosaur. In addition to digging up the skeletal remains, the researcher also works on uncovering a layer of earth with the fossilised footprints of the extinct reptiles. These tracks can provide more information about the animals’ herd behaviour; Anne’s special area of interest. The dinosaur expert has studied the fossilised tracks of herds of sauropods in areas as far-ranging as the Pyrenees, Bolivia and Yemen.



 Dr. Anne Schulp